What sparked you to become an active PTA member? Or, rather, who was it?

All it takes is that one PTA leader to change our perspective of a PTA membership.  All it takes is that one PTA leader to get a spark going.

That one person who greeted you with a smile, made you feel welcomed, and showed you tips and advice. As a collective association of PTA members–our families benefit, our students benefit – enjoying and participating in an event, learning together, improving the schools, and strengthening education in our community.  That is the value of a PTA membership.

Volunteers get involved when they feel welcomed, see leaders who communicate, feel pride in the mission, see engaged leaders in decision-making; feel valued for time and skill contributed; and see a connection to the community. That is the building of membership value capacity.

Pass the passion of PTA value on to the next family, to the next person. Be that PTA leader who provided that spark to be a PTA member and showed what a PTA member can do. Join PTA!



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